About the People

It’s not all about technology

About us

We want to make a difference

At PRUVIA, a lot of different people come together, but we all work towards the same goal: Making our planet a better and cleaner place. For us and the next generations to come. With this sense of purpose, we pour our passion and knowledge into our work.

Martin Nitz

Founder & CEO

Martin is an experienced player in the fields of financial technology, environmental protection, recycling, and packaging, acting as either CEO, founding partner, consultant, or private investor with projects around the world. With a background in economics, he has held management positions in prominent international financial information services providers and has founded his own FX analysis and FX trading firm catering to institutional clients.

Martin currently directs strategy, business management and business development at PRUVIA.



As a university professor in the scientific area of chemical reactor design, Laura is leading research groups in the field of thermochemical conversion, along the career she published more than 70 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and congress proceedings.

Laura is leading the PRUVIA technology and process development.

Dr. Andreas Kurz


With a foundation in physics and biotechnology, Andreas brings an analytical mindset and systematic approach to PRUVIA. With his comprehensive technical understanding he connects the departments, assists in evaluation and implementation of business strategies and promotes the company development.

Andreas is leading the PRUVIA operations.

Jan Schäfer

Finance & Legal Manager

With an interdisciplinary background in economics and law, Jan combines his theoretical knowledge with practical application at PRUVIA. He completed his studies with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in business administration and a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in business law and gained valuable knowledge with his master’s thesis in collaboration with PRUVIA. His practical experience is complemented by internships in banking, taxation and financial administration.

Jan manages PRUVIA’s finance and legal department and contributes to the overall business development.

Edwin Hoogwerf

Director EPC

With a background chemical engineering, Edwin brings extensive experience as a project manager across diverse sectors including oil & gas, waste-to-energy, petrochemical, and recycling. Having held key roles at prominent engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractors, he has consistently delivered successful outcomes with a hands-on, effective and no-nonsense approach.

Edwin is leading the PRUVIA EPC Department and coordinates our complex projects, together with assisting in business development.

Our vision

We want to create Value out of waste

We strive for a world without plastic pollution. A world without waste plastic in nature, in the oceans or in our food. For many decades, waste plastic was at best mechanically recycled or incinerated and at worst disposed of in our environment. The recycling technology was not mature enough, until now.

Our unique approach to plastic waste recycling through advanced pyrolysis technology is more than a business plan – it’s a blueprint for a sustainable future.

At the same time, waste logistics become redundant. Our technology closes the gap between mechanical recycling and incineration, making the world a better place.

Our mission

We engineer the world with our technological solutions

Solving the global waste plastic problem is an enormous challenge. Despite our successes, we cannot tackle it alone. That is why we are committed to making our technology as transparent and accessible as possible. This contributes to our goal of changing the image of plastic and proving a more sustainable way to deal with waste plastic. Our technology is one of the solutions.

Member of ThinkTank for Industrial Resource Strategies

Corporate Forum Chemical Recycling (CFCR)

The THINKTANK Industrial Resource Strategies advises politics and industry on a scientific basis on the central technological-strategic issues of resource efficiency, resource use and resource policy. Founded as a joint initiative by politics and industry, it objectively collects data and facts, prepares them in an understandable way and delivers results that are equally recognized by both politics and industry.

Visit website: www.thinktank-irs.de

Our History

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Our technology is based on more than 25 years of scientific and experimental research into the pyrolysis process and its various technical realizations by Prof. Dr. Maria Laura Mastellone.

By combining two reactors in an innovative loop sequence, we have successfully addressed the major challenges of the pyrolysis process: Our patented technology is a highly economical process, which we have verified with our pilot plant in Italy.

So, in the end,
it’s not just about recycling plastic.

It’s about so much more …

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