Thermochemical recycling

Turning waste plastic into a regenerative resource



Waste plastic is currently one of our biggest environmental problems and we believe it is time to finally address this issue: With our innovative technology we transform plastic recycling into a true circular economy by and turning waste plastic into a valuable resource.

From waste plastic to a sustainable resource


With a solid foundation of 25 years research, we have developed a groundbreaking technology, which turns waste plastic into a renewable resource while being profitable. With our technology we establish an efficient circularity for plastic. We are the first company to achieve this.

Plastic is an essential part of our everyday lives

Plastic is the most adaptable and versatile material available to us. It is an everyday part of our lives. However, plastic can harm the environment if it is not thoroughly recycled. This is where our innovative technology comes into play, turning waste plastic back into a high quality raw material.

Next generation recycling

Innovating Recycling for a Sustainable Economy

Our cutting-edge thermochemical process marks a groundbreaking advancement in plastic recycling, overcoming past limitations. For the first time, we’ve pioneered an energy-efficient pyrolysis technology. Moreover, this process is economically sustainable without any harmful by-products. This innovation positions us to make a significant impact on the recycling industry and the environment, heralding a new era of sustainable plastic recycling.


profitable recycling of waste plastic

Our concept has been successfully validated at our pilot plant in Italy. We are now showcasing its effectiveness in our industrial-scale DEMO plant located in the chemical park in Leuna, near Leipzig. This demonstration is key to illustrating the full potential of our technology as a solution to the global plastic issue. Concurrently, we are actively engaged in the planning stages for our commercial plant.

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